Bruce Willis was in a good mood at the RED 2 premiere red carpet. After spending a few seconds with most reporters (and a few minutes with those big TV shows that will only run a 5 second soundbite on air) he made his last stop in front of us before rushing inside the Fox Westood Village Theater.

Apparently Mr. Willis was getting bored with the typical questions “Was it fun/challenging?” and to spice things up he turned tables and asked “What should I do next?”. I have spent some time thinking about who should play Superman’s nemesis in Man of Steel 2 so I replied “Lex Luthor!”.

Watch Bruce Willis’ reaction in this exclusive video.

“Lex Luthor is good.” he said, visible amused by the idea. Obviously, the 58 years old actor wouldn’t mind being part of a huge comic-book franchise like Man of Steel or Justice League.

Would you be happy with Bruce Willis playing Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2? Who do you think would be perfect for that role?

RED 2 is in theaters July 19, 2013. Watch more interviews on the red carpet here.