The interpretative talents of Betty Buckley has been enjoyed for millions since the end of the 60’s, on TV, the big screen, Broadway, and more.

The multifaceted artist is also an award winning musician that recently released a new live double album from Palmetto Records titled “Story Songs.”

Her latest film is this year’s box office phenomenon “Split,” thriller that reunites her with writer-director M. Night Shyamalan after 2008’s “The Happening.”

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Buckley about her experience bringing to life a key character like Dr. Karen Fletcher.

“Split” is now available on Blu-ray™, DVD, On Demand, and Digital HD, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

How was the process of you being part of “Split”?

The casting director called me 3 or 4 months before we started shooting. He said that the role was wonderful and the script was great and that I should do a couple of scenes on video. I found it a little bit strange because Night knows me from “The Happening,” but he explained that it was more for the executives and the people involved. I did that and he kept calling me saying “It’s looking good. Hold tight!” Then they sent me the whole script, and the day after Night called me and told me that he had written the role for me. Then I went to Philadelphia and rehearsed for a week and a half. It was an honor to work with the great James McAvoy. He is so kind, humble and brilliant! I hope that I get the chance to work with him, and my friend Night again.

How did you prepare to play Dr. Karen Fletcher?

Well, I read 3 books that Night had recommended about DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). The subject matter has fascinated me since I was a teenager and saw “The Three Faces of Eve” with Joanne Woodward. I also read the book “Sybil,” wich Sally Field then brought to life in a miniseries. Both stories really touched me, and made me realize how much people can adjust to survive pain and abuse. I also worked with a psychologist for a while before shooting. I would even talk to here the night before key scenes, like the big scene I have with James. I tried to explore the feelings that Dr. Fletcher would have in those moments with her patient, Kevin. It was a fascinating process.

SPLITWhat was your reaction the first time that you saw the finished movie?

The first time was at the AFI Film Festival. They flew me out to Los Angeles for that. It was at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, full of excited moviegoers. I loved the modernity, the economy and the style in which Night chose to tell the story. He gives you just a couple of glimpses into Casey and Kevin’s background, and tells you so much with so little. I was very impressed with the overall storytelling. I was a little bit self conscious when I saw my own performance. The second time, at the NY premiere, I was able to detach myself and see myself as a character. And then the third time it was with my family in Texas. They were shell-shocked!

“Split” is now available on Blu-ray™, DVD, On Demand, and Digital HD, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.


⦁ Alternate Ending
⦁ Deleted Scenes
⦁ The Making of Split- Filmmakers, cast, and crew discuss what attracted them to the project and how they were able to bring such a unique premise to life.
⦁ The Many Faces of James McAvoy- A look at how James McAvoy approached the challenge of playing so many different identities.
⦁ The Filmmaker’s Eye: M. Night Shyamalan- Director and writer M. Night Shyamalan has a singular, big-picture vision of his projects. Producers, cast, and crew discuss how Night’s process gives them the freedom to execute their roles to the fullest.

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