John Leguizamo talked to Desde Hollywood about his new movie Kick-Ass 2 (out Aug. 16). You will get to enjoy that exchange soon, but we wanted to share what the actor had to say about another comic-book property.

Many people forget that a Latino has played one of the most famous characters ever created, The Joker. Cesar Romero was the first one to bring the villain to life in the 60’s TV show ‘Batman’. His version was intense and creepy, considering that the production was aimed at kids.

Leguizamo was terrific as the devilish clown ‘Violator’ in Spawn and he would surely take the Dark Knight’s nemesis in a different direction, away from Ledger and Nicholson’s.

Desde Hollywood: They are rebooting Batman and I would love to see a Latino Joker facing Batman. Would you be interested?


Leguizamo: Just because I have to represent for my Latin people. It’s crazy. I went to Comic-Con and 50% of the nerds were Latin, Black and Asian. I said “Come on! We are so underrepresented and we support the whole industry”.
I am not against comic-book movies. I just feel that I have seen enough zombies, vampires and apocalyptic comic-book super heroes in my lifetime. I want to see real people on screen for a while.
But hell yeah, I would do Batman. The Joker would be a blast!

Would you like to see John Leguizamo as the new Joker? If not, who is your pick?