Warner Bros. and The CW have been able to successfully translate the excitement and essence of two beloved DC superheroes from the comics to the small screen.

I loved the first two seasons of “Arrow” and I still enjoy it. But, maybe because I am a science fiction fan, now “The Flash” has become my favorite.

Last Saturday, on the orange carpet at The Kids Choice Awards, I had the chance to speak with Barry Allen himself, the talented Grant Gustin.

The actor talked about his expectations at the beginning of show, how he and the cast avoid external distractions, and the peculiar relationship between his character Barry and his love interest, Iris.

But the most revealing part of our exchange was at the very beginning, when Gustin shared some details regarding the highly anticipated season finale.

Warning: The following may be considered a SPOILER for The Flash season finale.

“I just read the finale script yesterday. It is amazing: A lot of time travel, a lot of characters coming back …I have an amazing scene with every character on the show in the finale. It’s such a good script!”

How cool sounds that? I wish I could time-travel to the future to watch that scene and the entire The Flash season finale!

Watch our full interview with Grant Gustin and share your thoughts below.

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