As you may know, Christopher Nolan started filming his new movie Interstellar a month ago in Canada. Beyond its impressive cast (Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and more) and a vague synopsis (in the future explorers travel to a wormhole) little is known about the mysterious project.

SPOILER ALERT: Nothing here feels like an obvious spoiler, but you never know. You’ve been warned.

Desde Hollywood just learned through an inside source that their new location, Iceland, has already seen major action: A Spaceship crash!

Knowing that Nolan doesn’t work with a second unit I assume that he directed the sequence created with practical effects. One and that may play an important part in the story.

I am also told that models for some sort of Drones have also been created.

Now, are you ready for the most intriguing part of this scoop?

A bigger aircraft will be featured. Something my source refers to as The Mother Ship.

Iceland was featured in Prometheus as a strange planet. So it isn’t crazy to speculate that the crashed spaceship is the one carrying the ‘explorers’ mentioned in the synopsis, and that those drones may be used by the crew to analyze new worlds and probably defend them against cosmic threats.

OK, mankind creating one spaceship in a collapsing future to save everyone makes sense. But a gigantic space carrier?

Mmmm… Are there aliens in Interstellar? Or humans traveling back in time from a distant future?

I don’t know, but in Nolan I trust.