The new AMC series THE SON, based on the The New York Times best seller and Pulitzer Prize-nominated novel, centers on the families that clashed in their pursuit of wealth and power in Texas, at the beginning of the 20th century.

The patriarch of the last great Spanish family in South Texas, Pedro García, is played by the experienced and versatile Spanish actor Carlos Bardem.

Being in a Western is the dream of many actors. Did you play “Cowboys and Indians” as a kid?

Of course. Who didn’t? One of the best things about being an actor is that you are like a kid that never grows up. I was able to play with the most expensive toys: My horses, my Winchester, my ranch… I enjoyed it a lot!

Specially, playing such a rich Hispanic character, in a historical context and territory that had Spain and Mexico entangled with the United States.

Pedro -at least that is how we work on him- is a proud descendant of the first settlers of the area, those who arrived with Escandón. His struggle, his entire life, is about preserving that legacy. He also represents the old Tejas with a “j,” versus the white Anglo Saxon’s Texas with an “x,” personified by Eli McCullough. It’s a very valuable story because it is also very relevant. It talks about race, borders, racism, greed, and the violence that comes with fanaticism.

And a healthy reminder that, except for the natives, we are all more or less immigrants.

We are all immigrants! Even in our countries. It is good to feel as a foreigner.

On social media we can see that you and Pierce Brosnan have forged a friendship.

It’s a great guy. A very warm and funny person. Pierce is a very generous actor, very easy to work with. He is so much fun that you just can’t stop laughing when he is around.

And talking about other actors, we also have Mexican actress Paola Nuñez…

Yes, Paola. Another great actor and human being. We spent five months filming in Austin, Texas, and we really became a family. It really united us the idea that we were making a very good show.

Other recent Westerns have been shot in Eastern Europe. How important was it to shoot this one in Texas?

It was essential for us to get the vibe of the place and its history. To walk through the Capitol and see that the first crest was Castilla’s crest. We also shot on open range, with beautiful landscapes and a particular light. It was wonderful to live there and understand many things.

The two-hour series premiere of THE SON takes place on April 8th 9/8c.