The talented Guatemalan actor Arturo Castro (Broad City) is part of the amazing Hispanic cast of NARCOS Season 3.

He plays David Rodriguez, son of one of the Rodriguez Orejuela brothers who led the Cali Cartel, the most powerful drug trafficking organization in the 80’s and 90’s.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Arturo ahead of the season premiere, this Friday Sept. 1 on Netflix.

How does it feel to be part of such a celebrated show like Narcos?

First of all, a great honor. I have been a huge fan since the series started, and I was dying to get an audition. It was the first show that already had a following when I joined it. There is a responsibility. The previous actors left the bar very high. It was a pleasure to be part of such an awarded family.

During research, what was the historic fact about these drug lords that surprised you the most?

The fact that they run the organization like a business in Wall Street. They were known as “The KGB” because they had spies and microphones everywhere. Even information centers that would be the envy of some nations. The level of organization that the Cartel had is very impressive.

How does it feel to share the experience with actors from all the corners of the Hispanic word?

The acting from “Los Padrinos de Cali” this season is just outstanding. They were always generous with me and had time for my questions. What I liked the most was working with so many talented actors. I am very grateful.

You speak flawless Spanish. But, was it difficult to nail the Cali dialect and accent?

It was fun. When they ask for help they say “¿Me puede colaborar? ¡Colabóreme!” The key thing was to shoot it in Cali. The locals were extremely warm and open with me. I practiced a lot because accents in Spanish are difficult. For me, English accents are easier.

Cali is famous for its Salsa dancers. Did you learn some moves?

Of course! But I am terrible! A lot of passion, but zero coordination. [Laughs]

How would you define the moral standards of your character, David?

I think that he is only loyal to his family, nobody else. He is a sociopath that doesn’t feel empathy for others. He looks at people as obstacles, and he gets rid of them without second thoughts. He is one of the most sadistic characters of this season.

Have you started to feel the weight of portraying a character like that?

Yes. Your body doesn’t know that you are acting. When you hear and see people screaming, begging you not to harm them, it stays with you. But if you are asking the audience for their time, you need to give a piece of you. There has to be a little bit of your blood in the water. It’s a small price to pay.

The rise of a new empire. Narcos Season 3 arrives September 1st.