One of the most exciting superhero teams in comicbook lore is made of the sons and daughters of super villains. The new Hulu/Marvel series brings it to life in MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS.

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Allegra Acosta, who plays the very, very strong “Molly Hernandez.”

MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS will be available exclusively on Hulu, starting November 21.

How does it feel to be a super hero?

It feels amazing! I grew up watching all of the superhero movies with my dad, and thinking about how great it would be to be a superhero. I am so excited for people to see it!

What was your reaction when you saw yourself in the final version, with the special effects done?

I haven’t seen that much. I have only seen the first episode, and the teaser. It felt great when I saw my eyes glow. Shut out to the special effects team! It is an honor to play such a strong, badass, 14-year-old girl.

In the comics, Molly’s last name is “Hayes.” I assume that Molly is Latina, right?

Yes! We changed it to represent almost every culture and race. It hits home, and it is very important for me to get to represent this superhero for other young Latinas.

Are you going to be dropping some words or lines in Spanish, here and there?

Hablo español, specially when I am at home. Molly will be speaking a little bit, but that’s not the main focus.

Does Molly see her powers as a blessing or a curse?

I feel that they are a blessing, in some way. Now her powers have changed; they are evoked through emotion. It’s a bonus for her to show her superhuman strength when it’s needed. She definitely is the muscle of the team.

As a teenager, how much accuracy do you see in the script when it comes to portray today’s teenagers?

I relate a lot. The writers really got to know us and they write for us. They have been keeping as real, modern, and awoke as it gets! There are many similarities between Molly and myself, even though I have a strong family to supporting me and she is adopted.

Did you guys have some kind of bonding activity before production started?

During the screen tests we had a great chemistry. It was love at first sight! We all have very different personality, but we connected very quickly. We are like a dysfunctional family that cares for each other.

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